Scaleflex reaches 500 customers in 50 countries and 100 million media assets under management. New funding to boost growth.

(Lyon, France - June 29, 2021) - Scaleflex, a B2B Digital Asset Management and Media Optimization company that helps brands manage and optimize their digital media assets, has raised a new investment round to accelerate growth. Funds will be used to boost sales and marketing, strengthen leadership, and support R&D initiatives in AI for enriching media assets for faster retrieval and automatic workflows. Investors in the 2,5 M€ round are the Bulgarian venture capital fund BrightCap Ventures, Budapest-based Oktogon Ventures, and John Marshall, founder of AirWatch (acquired by VMware for $1,54B back in 2014) and Co-Chairman at OneTrust, Inc, the fastest-growing privately held company in America.

Scaleflex has more than 500 clients from various industries such as E-commerce, Real-Estate, Automotive and News and Media from 50+ countries including Michelin, Toom, Printemps, WhiteStuff, SeLoger, Yuka and Sotheby's Realty. The company’s advanced technology, ease of implementation and immediate value proposition have driven rapid growth and market adoption. The new funding will also be used to open a new office in Vietnam, to cover the APAC region.

“Scaleflex has an outstandingly strong team with both business and technological expertise, which continues to develop, execute, and exceed their goals and targets. Scaleflex’s solutions have proven market potential, which is complemented by the fact that the total addressable market served by the company is expanding. Their tech products are innovative and bulletproofed and this is shown by the growing customer base,Diana Stefanova, a Venture Partner at BrightCap Ventures, shares.

Flexible and scalable solutions for Media Acceleration and Digital Asset Management

Scaleflex develops and operates 2 B2B solutions running across multiple cloud providers and integrated with all major CDN players for optimizing the media asset lifecycle:
1. Cloudimage - image and video resizing, transformation, optimization and accelerated delivery to deliver responsive and fast images on any device at any location.
2. Filerobot - a Digital Asset Management platform serving as the central source-of-truth for R&D as well as marketing / creative teams to manage and retrieve all media assets within the organization.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, marketers expressed an increased need for digital collaboration and the opportunities for Scaleflex to focus on remote and real-time collaboration around content operations grew”, said Emil Novakov, Co-Founder at Scaleflex. “Scaleflex's ambition is to build the most flexible and customizable upload experience, media asset management and optimization capabilities in the market. Thanks to the 100M+ assets we manage today, we can train custom machine learning models to enrich images and videos for better categorization, search/retrieval and optimization. Finally, every 100 milliseconds of improved page loading time result in up to 10% better conversion, hence milliseconds can be worth millions and speed-to-customer is more important than ever.

About Scaleflex

Scaleflex is a B2B SaaS company whose mission is to simplify the upload, storage, organization, transformation, optimization, publishing, and acceleration of all brand assets (images, videos, PDFs, or static files such as JS scripts, or CSS files) within an organization.

“Our mission is to help R&D teams, marketers, and content managers collaborate better with each other and simplify the recurring tasks involved in managing, optimizing, and delivering media around the world.”

Tram Nguyen - Chief Of Staff